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Navigating the challenge of maintaining meaningful connections with customers amidst an abundance of communication channels is a real dilemma for brands. From credit card fraud alerts and flight status updates to package deliveries and new promotions, the volume of messages is overwhelming. The question arises: How can brands establish and sustain connections with customers beyond the confines of apps?

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Customers Crave Personalized Engagement

In a world where consumers are bombarded with thousands of brand messages daily, the desire is for interactions that are personalized, contextual, and rich. Traditional channels like SMS, direct mail, mobile apps, customer service, and email have their roles, but what customers truly seek is a 1:1 connection.

Current Engagement Channels: Where Consumers Stand?

Consumers currently engage through various channels such as mobile apps, email, SMS, and call centers. Notably, by 2021, the global downloads of mobile apps are expected to reach 353 billion. However, consumer preferences vary, with 77% choosing apps over websites, 98% preferring email, and nearly 7 in 10 U.S. adults making purchases influenced by a company’s email.

Mobile Website Designing
Mobile Website Designing

Enter Rich Communication Services (RCS)

The solution lies in adopting Rich Communication Services (RCS), the next-generation SMS protocol. RCS enhances text messages with branding, media, interactivity, analytics, and read receipts, providing a superior user experience.

Benefits of RCS Business Messaging

RCS brings together the advantages of other business messaging channels, offering rich functionality, a universal native experience, immediacy, simplicity, and quick readability. Trusted messages with verified business checkmarks and full brand names instill confidence in users.

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What Sets RCS Apart?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) offers several advantages over normal SMS messages, enhancing the overall messaging experience. Here are key reasons why RCS is preferred:

1. Rich Media Content:  RCS supports high-resolution images, videos, audio, and interactive elements like carousels and buttons. Unlike standard SMS, which is limited to plain text, RCS allows for more engaging and visually appealing content.

2. Enhanced Branding: With RCS, businesses can incorporate their branding elements such as logos and colors, providing a more visually cohesive and branded experience for users. This branding consistency is not achievable with traditional SMS.

3. Interactivity and Suggested Actions: RCS messages can include interactive features like suggested replies and actions. Users can easily respond with a single tap, making the interaction more convenient and user-friendly compared to traditional SMS.

4. Read Receipts and Delivery Notifications:   RCS provides read receipts and delivery notifications, allowing senders to know when their messages are received and read. This feature is absent in standard SMS, providing businesses with valuable insights into the effectiveness of their communication.

5. Conversational Nature: RCS supports more dynamic and conversational messaging, enabling businesses to create a more natural and fluid communication experience. This is in contrast to the linear and static nature of traditional SMS.

6. Improved User Experience:  The rich features of RCS contribute to an overall improved user experience. Users can enjoy visually appealing messages with multimedia content, creating a more engaging and satisfying communication environment.

7. Alignment with Modern Messaging Apps: RCS aligns with the features commonly found in popular messaging apps, making it more in tune with contemporary messaging expectations. This alignment provides a seamless transition for users accustomed to messaging app functionalities.

8. Universal RCS Profile: The GSMA's Universal RCS Profile aims to standardize the features and capabilities of RCS, ensuring a consistent experience across different carriers and devices. This standardization promotes interoperability and a broader reach.

While traditional SMS is a reliable and widely-used messaging method, RCS introduces features that bring it closer to the functionality of popular messaging apps. It offers businesses an opportunity to create more engaging and personalized communication experiences with their audience.

Deploying RCS: How It Works

RCS can be deployed across various use cases, from shipment tracking and fraud alerts to promotions, two-factor authentication, and more. It operates within consent and promotional guidelines, ensuring responsible and effective communication.

Getting Started with RCS

To start with RCS journey, connect with our CellCommNext Account Manager, confirm your interest, and follow the registration process. Within 5 to 7 business days, you can be up and running, revolutionizing your customer engagement strategy.

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